Water Damage Services (Water Mitigation)

Whether a slow leak or a sudden flood, water can damage and destroy any premises – residential, commercial, or industrial. Should a water emergency occur, keep a cool head and call ServRite of South Jersey at once! We can help minimize damage and destruction. While waiting for us, keep these tips in mind:

Keep indoor area cool to discourage bacteria growth.

Place foil or plastic below furniture legs to prevent floor stains.

Turn off electricity.

Avoid walking on wet floors if at all possible.

If necessary to walk on floors, step carefully.

Remove items from the floor.

Remove breakable items from shelves and tabletops.

Remove rugs from wet floor.

Do not use vacuum cleaner.

Should you be experiencing sewage backflow:

If possible, do not enter the affected area.Remove children and pets immediately from area.

Do not attempt any cleaning or furniture moving.

If you must handle contaminated materials, wear rubber gloves.

Water damage restoration. Loss due to water are categorized as follows:

water_damageCategory 1: Clean Water. No contaminants; not harmful to living organisms. A broken water pipe would be considered Class 1 losses.

Category 2: Grey Water. Significant amount of contaminants; harmful if prolonged exposure occurs. Examples of grey water would be overflowing toilets and water from broken dishwashers.

Category 3: Black Water. Highly toxic, significant health risk to people and animals exposed to it. Class 3 includes sewage losses, flooding from outside, long-standing and stagnant water accumulation.

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